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Office administrators and receptionists have a reputation of simply needing to answer the phone and greet clients. In reality, they are the foundation of organisations, enabling staff to complete their jobs successfully and promptly. They are responsible for organising schedules, communicating on behalf of executives, maintaining contact lists, and more, they serve as a critical support role.

With office and administrative staff being such an integral part of an organisation, there is no doubt that they need to show the right skill sets to stand out to employers.

Office administration skills are basic skills that help an office run smoothly. It is often expected that administrators have basic office skills knowledge or experience before they will be hired. These skills help administrators to effectively schedule appointments, welcome clients, ensure the office is functioning properly, and provide employees with office resources.

The definition of office administration is very broad, and candidates would need to be open to learning and be adaptable depending on the nature of the position. This is why it is important to ensure you are continuously developing your skills to be able to meet broad criteria and adapt to any business setting.

The most important skills a good office administrator needs to have are:

Office administrators need to have stellar communication skills, positive attitudes, and have a friendly personality. Some of the basic office administrative tasks include answering and making phone calls, greeting clients, addressing questions that might arise, and scheduling appointments.

  • Basic computer literacy

Much of the position involves working on a computer. Office administrators will often need knowledge of the Microsoft Office packages to input different clerical data and information. This can include customer information, company performance data, reports, and office inventory. 

Office administrators may also be required to perform minor accounting duties, so the operation of financial tracking software might be expected.

  • Being extremely organised

Office administrators are responsible for organising, sourcing and filing many documents and assignments, often of a confidential nature. Having strong organisational skills  is crucial. They are also often responsible for storing and ordering office supplies, keeping an up-to-date inventory as to not waste money and resources.

It often happens that office administrators are assigned several tasks simultaneously and on a regular basis. while some are planned, others are often unexpected. There may be instances where tasks must be completed under a strict deadline. Time-management skills can help prioritise these tasks.

  • Strategic planning & scheduling

In order for an office or organisation to run smoothly, someone must be in charge of strategic planning and scheduling. Office administrators are responsible for scheduling meetings, events, and  appointments for their supervisors, and often for the rest of the staff. This needs some good strategic planning skills to ensure that schedules are aligned and do not confuse or overwhelm the participants.

  • Excellent attention to detail

We are all human, and mistakes can happen quite easily. Office administrators are often asked to review situations or documents and catch and correct any issues before clients take note. They should be detail-oriented when it comes to checking the facts, grammar, and tone of employee work.

By putting these skills into practice, office administrators are better equipped at meeting and anticipating the needs of their supervisor or fellow employees. Administrative professionals can be found in a variety of business settings, but are all employed for office-related tasks. For the most part, they are required to ensure that all administrative work is performed to the highest standards of professionalism. Furthermore, most businesses use the same software packages and handle the day-to-day running of their office in much the same way.

What will set you apart?

Gain the necessary skills that employers need with a combination of office and administration skills. Office skills and administration training courses will enable you to work effectively in any area of business. The office administration area is aimed at improving a basic level of understanding in administration which will provide outstanding reception and front-line office skills , communication and customer service skills.. 

Are office skills and administrative training courses for you?

These courses are suited to participants who wish to obtain the skills and knowledge required to work efficiently and effectively in a busy office environment.

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