Employment Law Courses

Employment law and statutory regulations are put in place to mediate the relationship between employers, workers, and unions and ensure the rights and obligations of employees are respected accordingly. Employment law is the set of laws and regulations regulating interactions between employers and employees.

Employment laws define when workers can be employed by an employer and when employees can work. The laws cover minimum wage or remuneration packages in exchange for work. They also create minimum requirements for working conditions for employees.

When an employer wants to recruit someone, there’s a lot that they are legally bound to know. There are minimum wage laws which stipulates the minimum amount an employer is allowed to pay their employees. Some laws prohibit the employer from discriminating against applicants or employees based on certain characteristics. Employers must provide a safe working environment. In some cases, they must provide training or conduct risk assessments. 

Due to the importance of organisational compliance, there are several employment law courses available with the aim of increasing employer’s knowledge and compliance in this complex area.

These courses will take students on an employment voyage covering main aspects of employment law, such as employment status, recruiting, work conditions, employee entitlements. redundancies, terminations, conflicts, disciplinary actions and grievance procedures, as well as termination of employment and pension regulations.

These courses will help learners understand how legal enforcement and best practice can be accomplished and how disputes or legal proceedings can be prevented.

What will set you apart?

Employment law courses offer employees the knowledge that they need to understand not only their rights as an employee but also their duties and how they fit into the workforce. Taking one of these courses also provides excellent opportunities for employers, as it will give them invaluable information that can help build a safe and productive working environment.

For employers and workers, understanding employment law is critical. Staff should be conscious of their rights so that they are not treated unfairly or differently from the rest of the working community. Employers should respect employment law in order to deter legal action from being taken against them through ignorance or lack of employment law knowledge.

Are employment law courses for you?

A good understanding of Employment Law is essential for the workplace. These Employment Law training courses are suited to anyone who wishes to know their rights, either as the employer or the employee. It is of most value to managers, employers, and members of Human Resources (especially those who are new to HR and its responsibilities) who are required to be familiar with key areas of employment law.

Anyone who employs people to work for them must fulfill their duties according to the law, and these courses will provide you with an excellent overview of the points you need to consider. It will also be useful to those considering careers as trade union representatives.


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