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Assertiveness & Self-Confidence Training Courses

If you have ever walked out of a meeting or away from a conversation wishing you had spoken up, or perhaps in general often feel uncertain about voicing your opinions – then an assertiveness and self-confidence training course is for you!

Assertive individuals have the confidence to clearly and adequately make their point or respond to situations. Responding in a constructive, controlled and reasonable manner ensures that they often end up with a much better outcome that benefits everyone. Assertiveness is an essential skill and you can learn and continue to shape it as you deal with various circumstances.

Knowing when and how to be assertive without being aggressive is a skill that can help you progress your career and achieve your desired professional success. 

It is completely normal to want to be liked by others. We strive to feel like we belong and to be accepted by the community is human nature. It is not shocking that we often strive to be agreeable. Unfortunately, this agreeable characteristic doesn’t do anything for your career, and it may even negatively affect you personally. If you are not assertive, it is hard to get what you want in life.

Assertiveness is a key communication skill that helps you to speak up for yourself in a way that is respectful and relevant to the work environment. Assertiveness means being confident in the communication of your abilities, skills, and goals without being pushy.

Benefits of being assertive in the workplace

Being assertive at work can have many benefits if done right and with confidence. It also holds various benefits for your team and your business as a whole. Some of the benefits of being appropriately assertive at work include:

  • Improving your self-esteem and self-confidence: When you become more familiar with the value that you have to offer and what you stand for as an individual, you will also feel better about yourself and your performance at work.
  • Contributing to team performance: When each team member is confident that the others will provide constructive feedback when changes are needed or when a project is going well, the outcome will be better and more efficient team performance. Assertiveness helps you ensure that there are positive lines of communication within your team and that each participant, including you, contributes to the overall success.
  • Improving stress management skills: When you are assertive, you feel confident in expressing your concerns and contributing to resolving problems or issues.You also feel encouraged to deal with interpersonal problems with dignity and calmness when they arise. All of this leads to reducing tension and building a happier, more productive working atmosphere for everyone.

What will set you apart?

Your ability to communicate your ideas, get your message across, lead your teams, or simply uphold professional integrity can make a difference between success and failure.

Using the right amount of workplace assertiveness could help you negotiate a higher salary, receive a promotion, and develop stronger relationships with your peers. Competition in the business world is fierce and if you can have more and better professional skills, as well as understanding when and how to use them, you will enhance both your career satisfaction and prospects. 

Are assertiveness & self-confidence training courses for you?

These courses will help any business professional who wishes to boost their personal profile at work, improve their assertiveness skills and become more confident and successful in communicating with their colleagues at all levels of the company.

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