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Interview skills are commonly regarded as a vital skill for those participating in interviewing on behalf of their organisation. This could be for recruiting purposes or to determine the development needs of current employees and the suitability for promotion.

Interviews have a vital role to play in the recruiting process. In reality, the quality of an interview may have a substantial effect on the overall results of the recruitment process. To be a good interviewer, you need to be prepared, ask the right questions, pay attention, listen carefully, and assess the candidate to see if they are right for your company. Well executed interviews will lead to great recruits. Likewise, poorly performed interviews can lead to wrong people being hired which is not beneficial for anyone involved.

Any employee who is involved in the recruitment and interview process needs to master the skill of conducting successful interviews. A good starting point is to take part in an interview skills training course.

It has been documented that average, each job offer attracts about 250 resumes. Of those 250 resumes, only 4 to 6 will get called in for an interview, and only one will get the job.

All your time and effort invested in finding the right candidates for a job will go to waste if you don’t know how to hire the best among them. Unfortunately, hiring a new employee is a difficult job. In addition to searching for an applicant who has specific skills, the search for a new team member must also result in the hiring of someone who works well with others and will fit into your organisation.

Recent survey results show that nearly 74 % of employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position. That is an expensive mistake! The same survey also shows that 83% of idividuals say that a negative interview experience would change their mind about a position or company they once liked. 

The most effective element of interviewing is to have a genuine interest in the individual being interviewed. By using relevant questions in the right way to obtain information from the interviewee you increase the amount of non-coerced information and decrease the risk of misleading answers.

What will set you apart?

These interview skills courses were designed to help individuals develop and improve their current interviewing skills and plan and execute interviews in a diverse and thought-provoking manner. A skilled interviewer who makes the person being interviewed feel comfortable will gain valuable information about the individual and present a positive profile of his or her business, increasing the likelihood of the best candidate being hired. 

Are interview skills training courses for you?

These training courses are for ambitious employees involved in and/or new to the recruitment and selection process or those with experience wanting a refresher/to up-skill. It outlines highlights how to develop good interview questions and carry out fair and focused evaluations.

The courses provide a practical approach to the recruitment and selection process, with tips and techniques to help you to structure interviews, ask key questions, and present your business in the best way possible. 

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