Negotiating Skills Courses

In order to achieve business goals, organisations need to have skilled negotiators with strong negotiating skills at their disposal. The way you negotiate can determine whether you achieve success or fail. Taking a course in negotiating skills will help you get on the right track towards professional success.

As a fundamental element within society – and particularly in business – the art of negotiation requires a unique skill set. A well thought out strategy, extensive preparation, and insight goes into securing a successful negotiated outcome. Understanding the goals, fostering values that seek mutually beneficial outcomes, and navigating biases are all part of this nuanced interaction.

Whether you’re negotiating a new salary, finalising a business deal, or navigating workplace dynamics, having negotiating skills is a key component to achieving goals and building relationships. Its integral role within the business is why negotiation has been listed as one of the top skills within the workplace. As organisations and industries become more complex, it will be essential to navigating the future.

What will set you apart

Having more than one person in a room usually means that there will be more than one opinion. This is where having effective negotiation strategies at your disposal will benefit you. The ability to negotiate can disarm volatile situations in the office and being able to negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome between two parties is a highly desirable skill to offer any organisation, especially in a leadership position.

Negotiation skills can be used in almost all aspects of the professional workplace:

  • Salary negotiations
  • Negotiating an employee termination
  • Negotiating individual or team work schedules
  • Contract negotiations
  • Negotiating deadlines with your superiors
  • Solving team conflicts
  • Sales negotiations with a customer
  • Legal settlement negotiations

Additionally, the days of barking out orders and receiving submissive agreement are long gone. Employees in today’s business environment needs to feel that their input is valued and considered – and rightfully so. It is important for those in management positions to have the skills to navigate through the rough waters of conflict with skill and maturity to keep the team on course, so that they reach their objective with the best possible outcome and without negative and unnecessary conflict.

Chris Vos, CEO of Black Swan Group and a former top FBI hostage negotiator once said that because we enter negotiations emotionally, we often take ourselves hostage in a negotiation before it even begins. Instead, he advises us to see it as a process-driven exercise. Skillful negotiation can be learned.

Are negotiation skill courses for you?

The outcome of any negotiation depends entirely on the skilled approach and strategies used. Understanding the difference between distributive and integrative negotiation strategies will help you make the right move before you reach the negotiation table. Whatever the situation, a satisfactory outcome is always possible, provided you possess the necessary negotiation skills.

This is why we offer a range of courses to allow you to gain key negotiation skills. If you or your employees do not know how to negotiate, the reality is that you are more likely to become the victim of better negotiators, and this could very likely determine your business success. By investing in educating yourself or your team in negotiation, you will set yourself and your organisation up for success and empower your team to produce mutually beneficial outcomes in everyday situations.

Engaging in business altering negotiation might not be a daily occurrence for you and your team, but it is quite likely that smaller negotiations happen on a regular basis – for example sharing an idea with your team for a project in a meeting. It’s not likely that every person will agree with every idea from the onset, but if you and your team are empowered with negotiation skills, it can result in a greater win-win outcome for everyone.

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