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Mastering workplace communication challenges

Unlock your full potential at work by mastering workplace communication challenges. In today’s dynamic workplace, effective communication is a must.

Traditional departmental silos are fading as agile, cross-functional teams become the norm. But who’s teaching you the essential people skills needed for success in this new environment? The real challenge isn’t the work itself; it’s harmonising team dynamics. When teams collaborate smoothly, productivity and impact soar, benefiting both individuals and the business.

Forward-thinking leaders establish behavioural frameworks, yet these often go overlooked in the rush of daily tasks. This workshop opens your eyes to the uncharted territory of people skills. Discover the tools to connect, empathise, and inspire. Transform your professional and personal life, becoming an unstoppable force in your role.

By mastering these foundational skills, you’ll foster better workplace relationships, bring out the best in others, and create lasting inspiration. Join us and evolve into the confident, effective communicator you can be.




  • The four styles of communication & quiz
  • How each style likes to communicate
  • How to adjust your communications
  • How to recognise each style
  • Book competition


What you’ll learn:

While communication is everyone’s responsibility, you can only focus on your own communication skills. Together, we’ll evolve through three key learnings:

Which are your primary and secondary communication styles.

2. Why other people frustrate, annoy and/or upset you when they communicate.

3. How to communicate to clients, prospects & team members with different styles.


🗣 Workshop host:

Trenton is a business leader, trainer and coach who inspires everyone around him to achieve more than they think they can. His bestselling book, ‘Human Powered’ outlines all the skills that agency teams need to lead and inspire clients. Trenton is the founder and head coach at Team Sterka. Team Sterka is a training and coaching business that supercharges agencies with client leadership skills. When he’s not working, you’ll usually find him running around after his kids. Or sleeping. He loves a post-lunch power nap.


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🎫 Who should attend?

Anyone who interacts with prospects, clients and teammates colleagues stands to gain brilliant insights from Trenton. So, whether you’re an experienced sales or marketing professional aiming to enhance your performance, or a passionate individual eager to break into the industry, this workshop is your gateway to excelling in your communications skills.

If you’re a:

  • Agency and business owners
  • CEOs, MDs, Directors, Heads of…
  • New Business Development/Marketing/Sales leaders
  • SDRs/BDRs/AEs


You can join either in-person or online here

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