Finance for Small Business

You may be thinking that finance is only important for startups! Wrong as a business grows finance and how it is managed becomes ever more important. This Finance for Small Business workshop is for directors, business owners and managers, who are required to use, interpret, or produce financial information but have had little or no formal training within the field of finance.

Finance for Small Business takes place at Barking Enterprise Centre 50 Cambridge Road Barking IG11 8FG on Tuesday, July 23 · 10am – 12:30pm.

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This workshop will:

Examine the responsibilities and accountabilities for Directors and business owners.

Examine governance and finance principles.

Explore how a financial strategy works for a small business.

Look at examples of key financial documents such as, the Profit and Loss Statement and the balance sheet.

Examine the cash flow statement and what it is showing you.

Cash Flow Statement

Identify financial risks and how to manage them.

This workshop will be delivered Face to Face

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