10 essentials to maximise the value of your business

Learn the top 10 must-have tools and strategies to grow your business to its fullest potential!

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What do you think of this as a definition of a successful business?…

A commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you

There’s lots of reasons why this definition will most likely resonate with you:

#1 Firstly, to be able to say your business fits this definition, you’ll have created a viable business that is generating consistent and healthy profits and as such hopefully giving you the income you and your family need to have the lifestyle you want.

#2 Secondly, you’ll also have created a business that is not reliant on you – the owner – having to be there all of the time! This means that in addition to having the money, you’ll actually have the time to live the lifestyle you want. (Remember….it’s one thing to have the money but you have to have the time to enjoy it!)

#3And thirdly, because of these two points, your business will be more attractive to a potential acquirer and as such, will command a higher valuation upon exit. This is where you and your family really benefit from all the time, effort and money you’ve invested in building your business. This could and should be your big pay-day.

Do you want this for YOUR business?

The reality of business ownership is that it’s all-consuming. That means it’s completely understandable why you might be years down the line from when you started your business and to be wondering “what do I need to do to achieve this?”During this event we’ll take a close look at the 10 essentials to maximising the value of your business.The key areas we’ll cover are:

  1. Financial Performance – the importance of strong, transparent financials
  2. Financial Quality – the type of revenue that’ll buyers love
  3. Market Position – the importance of having something that customers value
  4. Strong Team – how a balanced and capable team de-risks your business
  5. Customer Service – how valuable a systematic approach to customer attraction and retention can be

The purpose of this event is to share with you the 10 essential areas that….

  • will completely make sense the instant you hear them
  • will help you evaluate your current performance against them
  • will give you the inspiration to identify how YOU can come up with your very own plan to fully maximise the 10 essentials

Who’s running the session?

An Accountant and a Business Coach…..could there possibly be a better combo?

The Accountant: Co-partners of One Accounting – Chris Thomas and Neil Faulds – will share their financial perspective, having worked with hundreds of clients, many of which have successfully exited.

The Coach: Having seen similar success with many of his clients, Alan Smith of ActionCOACH will share his marketing, operational and team perspective.

Are you ready?

Places are limited to 20 so get yourself booked on as soon as possible.

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