Training courses in Minute Taking

Meetings are inevitable. In fact, the average employee spends up to 31 hours a month in meetings according to a recent study. These meetings involve a lot of time and money. The decisions made at these meetings can have a great impact on an organisation and can even change people’s careers. They are an integral part of any business, and it is essential to take accurate minutes of each one.

Minute taking is by no means an easy job. It is more than just jotting down a few notes during a meeting, it is a skill that takes continuous effort and training to perfect. A meeting or project without consistent and regularly updated minutes is a recipe for disaster. In this age of corporate governance and transparency, it is only responsible to have individuals who can take simple brief, easy-to-read and reliable minutes of decisions and actions.

The minutes that set out the objectives of a meeting and its decided results are an accurate summary that can be referred back to and used for follow-up purposes. Effective meeting minutes are accurate, easy to understand and to the point, without compromising any important information. They keep a record of what was decided during a meeting, as well as what was talked about and actions taken. Typically, meeting minutes are recorded by a secretary, office manage or PA, but it can also be done by an appointed individual.

The office environment is changing. Minute taking is changing. It is important to develop your skills to ensure that you’re up to date with new ways of working. A core role in any office admin, secretarial, or PA job is supporting your team, aiding productivity and efficiency in a fast-paced world.

 What will set you apart

Minute taking training courses aim to boost the skills, knowledge, and confidence of participants in providing minute taking for the formal or informal meetings that they are asked to support. By taking one of these courses you will be able to:

  • Understand and show the value of consistent, clear, and efficient minutes
  • Properly plan, execute and present the information in an efficient manner
  • Organise the data to increase the readers’ comprehension and ensure that activities are documented, committed to, and executed.

Are minute taking training courses for you?

Anyone who is required to take minutes at either formal or informal meetings will benefit from these training courses. These courses are great whether you’re in a job and need to upskill, or whether you’re looking to prove in interviews that you’re ahead of the game.

These minute taking courses will be especially beneficial for secretaries, administrators, PA’s, and office managers.

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