Telesales Training Courses

The telephone is probably the most used tool in modern business. Out of all customer interactions, 92% happen over the phone. Being confident or proficient when it comes to business and telesales calls does not come naturally to everyone.  

Telemarketing is a relatively affordable and efficient way of contacting many customers in a short period, giving information quickly and effectively and receiving instant answers and hopefully sales. It continues to be one of the most effective means of generating sales opportunities, booking appointments, and winning transactional sales. However, to achieve consistent results with telesales sales professionals need to refine their approach.

One of the most important things that telemarketers must remember is that telephone communication is different from in-person communications. To get the most potential out of telesales one must adapt the way they communicate over the phone.  

With so much competition in any given market salespeople need to effectively differentiate themselves from their competition and quickly demonstrate relevance and value. This will achieve consistent success from telesales.  

Telesales is very different from face-to-face sales. Telesales staff requires a specific set of skills and techniques if they are to be successful.   

Telesales agents need to be extremely self-motivated. A recent study shows that about 80% of sales require at least five follow-up calls after a meeting – and 44% of telesales staff give up after one follow-up call. Persistence is key, but you need to learn effective techniques to do this without seeming too pushy.  

What will set you apart  

By taking a trained approach to telesales, you will position yourself better to achieve your sales goals and stand out from your competition. Successfully selling over the telephone requires highly effective communication skills to build sincere relationships with your clients. You also need to have accurate product or service knowledge, and most importantly have the confidence to listen to your customers’ needs before you offer the correct solution. 

A recent study shows that only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs.   

Telesales training courses will help you gain a deeper insight into your position as a salesperson while equipping you to sell more effectively with a proven sales process.  

All companies hiring telesales agents provide full training but having completed a course in telesales will give you a distinct advantage. Taking a telemarketing course can both help a prospective employee obtain employment and enable current agents to advance internally to a higher role. 

Are telesales training courses for you?  

These courses are intended to enhance the abilities, techniques and confidence of those involved in telesales. The type of person that thrives in this type of environment needs to be very customer focused; to have the capacity to meet the needs of the customer, and be a quick thinker. 

Organisations have found that through continuous training, your company can achieve 50% higher net sales per employee. 

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